Hi! I'm Rebecca Strutt

Originally a Boston area voice teacher, my husband and I have recently relocated to the Niagara region of Ontario.

Since 1995, I have taught singing to both the young and old, choirs and individuals, professionals and beginners. I consider myself a trainer of vocal athletes, working with those who have a dream for their voice and need a coach to help them reach their musical goals.

My own dreams started in high school when I was cast in my very first musical. After that, I was hooked and my love of the stage took root. I have had the fortune of portraying many favourite roles since then in front of amazing audiences. Remember, you are NEVER too young or too old to pursue your dreams!!!

If you have a desire to learn, to grow, and to develop your own true authentic voice, I would love to help! I applaud you for taking this first step and I can’t wait to hear your story!


Voice Lessons

Do you love to sing? Looking to fine tune your singing voice?  Perhaps you have an audition coming up?

Rebecca teaches using a functional voice training called bel canto (“beautiful singing”). The focus will always be on healthy and efficient vocal technique through a holistic approach. Having the breath balanced with proper use of registration will eliminate tension and unlock your vocal potential!

Results you can expect to see after working with Rebecca:

  • Increased vocal range
  • Find your vocal power
  • Sing tension-free without manipulation
  • Improved breathing technique and breath support
  • Navigate through register shifts/breaks
  • Learn how to hit the high note!
  • Gain more confidence in performing
  • Improve existing musical skills
  • Develop the appropriate tone quality for YOUR voice
  • Learn how to interact and engage with the audience
  • Find your inner diva 😉

Rebecca Strutt Voice Studio offers online voice lessons via ZOOM.

The Studio

Lights! Camera! Action!

Rebecca Strutt Voice Studio is fully equipped for online teaching! With an 88 key Roland RD2000, LED lighting, state of the art noise cancelling headphones and Apple technology, you will receive the best of the best when it comes to the online experience!!!

The studio is located in Beamsville, Ontario... 30 minutes from Burlington,  30 minutes from Niagara Falls, and less than 60 minutes from Buffalo, NY.

What Clients Are Saying
  • “When I first started singing, it was something I was terrified of. I felt vulnerable and awkward every time I tried. Working with Becky not only brought a confidence to my voice, but inspired a lifelong passion for the arts. She creates a comfortable space to learn and fail and improve that few vocal teachers since have been able to match. She was patient with me and took the time to figure out how I learned. I have since been involved in musical productions up and down the east coast and continue to work on my career in the theatre. Without Becky, I never would have fallen in love with my life’s passion!”

    Ian Bonner, Professional Actor
  • The first time I took lessons with Becky, I immediately noticed improvements in technique. I felt comfortable expressing myself musically with her right off the bat. That was about 10 years ago, and I still use the methods she taught me to this day, whether it be in a lesson, rehearsal, or performance. I would not be as competent a performer or singer as I am today if it was not for her.”

    Andrew Kelley,
  • I took lessons with Becky for two years and she really helped me develop as a singer and to make me a more well-rounded musician. I always enjoyed my lessons and looked forward to going. She helped me work on my strengths and weaknesses, and encouraged me to reach outside my comfort zone. I always felt comfortable and confident during all of my lessons, and my abilities were enhanced by her teaching.

    Julia Cote , 10th Grade Student
  • I met Rebecca in a production of “She Loves Me!” where she played “Amalia,” at The Cannon Theatre. It was one of my first musical ensemble roles since college, and, of course, her voice blew me away! She graciously allowed me to start taking voice lessons from her the following summer. We continued for a couple of years, with her being very patient, and very supportive of my growth. Her ability to relate her coaching in terms I could understand and apply based on my interpretation of what I was feeling and my understanding of what I was doing right and wrong were spot on! She was able to “speak my language.” She helped me improve with auditions, landing ensemble parts in a number of plays, and a spot as a Tenor in the Concord Chorus. I highly recommend her if you need “tune ups,” need to work on audition pieces, want to work long term, and, even if you just want to sing better for your own satisfaction.

    Frank Harrigan, tenor

  • "I have always wanted to take vocal lessons; however, given my age, thought I likely had missed my window of opportunity. RSVStudio showed me in a very short time that that is not true at all! Becky is an experienced and extremely effective adult musical educator. Not only does she have all of the credentials to back up her vocation, she brings with her a passion for helping people understand their instrument and master their own personal vocal prowess.

    I could not have found a better coach! Her dedication to technique and breaking down exercises and how to apply them has helped me improve immensely! I could not recommend a better coach – truly".

    Kendra Frey, musical theatre lover.