Tina Towle

“I first encountered Becky upon enrolling in her voice class at Mount Wachusett Community College. Having always had a passion for singing but no formal training, I thought it could be beneficial as I continued to pursue my love of musical theatre. Becky not only helped me realize I had a lovely soprano voice, but she gave me the tools to support it. Becky’s method in a classroom setting supported singers at all experience levels as she encouraged students to learn from one another. I enjoyed Becky’s class so much that I continued to pursue my singing with her help through private lessons. I have since gone on to major in theater and perform in several musical roles I could not have landed without the knowledge and tools Becky provided me during my time working with her.”

Julia Cote

“I took lessons with Becky for two years and she really helped me develop as a singer and to make me a more well-rounded musician. I always enjoyed my lessons and looked forward to going. She helped me work on my strengths and weaknesses, and encouraged me to reach outside my comfort zone. I always felt comfortable and confident during all of my lessons, and my abilities were enhanced by her teaching.”

Anthony Masciangioli

“I started working with Becky right out of high school. I was as beginner as you could get. Through her dedication, musicianship and care, she was able to get me to places vocally that I didn’t think I could reach. She fostered a love and appreciation for singing and performing and helped grow my confidence and skills as a performer and person.”

Ian Bonner

“When I first started singing, it was something I was terrified of. I felt vulnerable and awkward every time I tried. Working with Becky not only brought a confidence to my voice, but inspired a lifelong passion for the arts. She creates a comfortable space to learn and fail and improve that few vocal teachers since have been able to match. She was patient with me and took the time to figure out how I learned. I have since been involved in musical productions up and down the east coast and continue to work on my career in the theatre. Without Becky, I never would have fallen in love with my life’s passion!”

Haviland Johannesson

“Working in the performing arts, it is rare to find an instructor you can truly call a mentor. That is what grew out of working with Rebecca. The one-on-one time I had with her was constructive and fun, simultaneously. Rebecca will challenge you to challenge yourself to the best of your abilities while imbuing you with inner confidence through careful learning of the music and vocal/performance technique. Rebecca has a rare ability as a teacher to train (coach, advise, instruct, etc.) while having fun!”

Andrew Kelley

“The first time I took lessons with Becky, I immediately noticed improvements in technique. I felt comfortable expressing myself musically with her right off the bat. That was about 10 years ago, and I still use the methods she taught me to this day, whether it be in a lesson, rehearsal, or performance. I would not be as competent a performer or singer as I am today if it was not for her.”