Voice Lessons

Piano Lessons

Rebecca has been teaching piano lessons just as long as she has been teaching voice! Rebecca studied piano under Juilliard professor Mary Anthony Cox, acting as the professor's page turner during her summer concerts. Rebecca has played keys in both jazz ensembles and worship bands throughout the years. She is experienced in classical solo work, musical theatre gigs, and is an accomplished accompanist for both individuals and ensembles.

What are the advantages to taking lessons from a private instructor versus learning from an app or watching instructional videos off of YouTube?  Private piano instruction will give you more individualized attention, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses to take your playing to the next level!!!

What Equipment do I need?

  • Piano or Electronic Keyboard (ask Rebecca for recommendations before buying anything)
  • Laptop or Ipad/Tablet... iPhones are not ideal for online piano lessons
  • Chair or table next to your piano with books piled up to place the device at the appropriate angle so Rebecca can see your hands and you can see hers!
  • Good Internet speed and/or ask others in your household to refrain from using the internet during your lesson
  • Good lighting (having a window behind the streaming device works great!)
  • Optional items: webcam, headphones, external microphone

The most important thing you will need is a willing spirit to learn and grow!

Time and space to practice is a must. In order to see progress, the sutudent needs to be able to practice in small time increments each day. Rebecca's motto is that "Practice Makes Permanent" - so the more you practice, the more progress you will see!

Remember that it takes a LONG time to be able to play Mozart or Beethoven (if that's your jam!). Having a mindset that allows yourself grace is vital for sustainable music making!!!

What Methods are Used?

Rebecca believes that learning to play the piano should be fun, allowing each student to learn creatively at their own pace. The focus will always be on strong technique.

A typical lesson begins with scales, arpeggios, chord structure, and music theory building exercises. The lesson then progresses into technique building, repertoire rehearsal, and performance practice. Students will also receive instruction on improving sight-reading, improvisation, and ear-training.

Lessons vary from focus on music reading and notation to improvisational skills using basic chord progressions and modern chord symbols as seen on lead sheets.

Need to accompany yourself as a singer? No problem! Rebecca has been playing for herself for countless years and knows all of the tips and tricks to help you succeed!

Virtual Piano Lessons (via ZOOM)

You can study with Rebecca from anywhere in the world through virtual lessons! Most laptops, personal computers, and iPads come equipped with all that you need to get started. Good internet connection is a MUST! Through ZOOM conferencing we can have a video-chat voice lesson that will allow us to work with each other virtually!

Taking a piano lesson via an online format will not hinder your progress in any way, and is much more convenient than in person lessons!

How long are lessons?

Lessons can be arranged weekly or bi-weekly.  Pricing is the same for both In Studio and Virtual lessons. Lessons are scheduled for either 30 minutes or 55 minutes.

For the latest pricing updates, please contact Rebecca!!!!

What are your operating hours?

Rebecca Strutt Music School is open for enrolment Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and vacations.

Lessons will be scheduled between the hours of 11am and 8pm, depending on the day. Please note that hours are in Eastern Standard Time.

How Do I Book Lessons?

If you would like more information about lessons or wish to inquire about Rebecca's availability, please visit the Contact Me page and send her a message!

Once Rebecca has received your inquiry, you will receive a confirmation email with more information about the studio.